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Welcome to Merritt Brown Middle School, home of the Bears, where our faculty and staff of approximately 75 members provide service to slightly less than 700 students each year.


As one of Merritt's leaders, I believe that positivity is the fertilizer that encourages others to blossom. It is the seed that when sewn, produces a harvest of success. With it, our students are bound to flourish, inspire, and achieve what some may consider to be the impossible. Each day, as a school family, we will strive to plant seeds of positivity in our community and teach our students to overcome the obstacles that they encounter.


At Merritt Brown, we understand the importance of building character in our youth and present this understanding in our school's vision that all Merritt Brown Bears will exemplify character both within our walls and out through the service that they provide to others. Character is taught through our character education program and rewarded through Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports. Merritt Brown students are afforded the opportunity to work together in service to school and community and to develop moral character through our Builder's Club, National Junior Honor Society, and 850 We Will Regrow program. Additionally, our school-based Bear Television provides service and engagement to Bears within walls. Merritt Brown students service community areas to include downtown Panama City, the District Office, and the state capitol through their colorful and creative artwork displays.


A student's teacher is a teacher not only for a school year, but for an entire lifetime. We are excited about learning and are thankful for the opportunity to engage our students in a nurturing, family-oriented environment in which students can learn, be of service, and be successful in the years to come.


Thank you for your support,
Dr. GeLonda Martin, Principal

GeLonda Martin - Principal of Merritt Brown in Middle School in Panama City Florida

Our Mission & Vision

Mission: Merritt Brown Middle School creates a safe and nurturing environment that inspires student achievement. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to developing well-rounded scholars, life-long learners, and successful leaders of the future through practice and rigorous standards-based curricula.

Vision: Merritt Brown Middle school will be a compassionate community in which the character of each individual is exemplified through service.

A/B Weekly Rotating Schedule


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8:55 am
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Merritt Brown Middle School


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